Alex Jønsson Solo Baltic States tour

The young award winning Danish guitarist Alex Jønsson is in September 2016 going on tour in the Baltic States with a new solo project that blends his original compositions with

improvisation and captivates the audience in an intimate musical universe.

”It’s been a dream for me to go on a solo tour in the Baltic States for some years and I’m really happy and excited about it finally happening.” Jønsson tells. ”Since I first time

visited the region in 2011, I’ve been fascinated about the mixture of eastern and western Europe you find there and I’ve met so many friendly people.”

Jønsson is known for his work with a.o. his own trio, Spy On Your Friends, as part of the radio darlings I Think You’re Awesome and Jakob Sørensen’s band Bagland and as
accompanist for the critically acclaimed, Norwegian singer Live Foyn Friis.

He has released two albums as a bandleader and has been greatly recognized for his Nordic and melancholic expression – both as a composer and a soloist – and can now also
be heard alone on stage in an exploration of the solo guitar concept.